Understood Spoken      Understood Spoken
Animal sounds            
baa baa   ouch
choo choo   quack
cockadoodledoo   uh oh
grr   vroom
meow   woof
moo   yum
animal   horse
bear   kitten
bee   lamb
bird   lion
bunny/rabbit   monkey
butterfly   mouse
cat   owl
chicken   penguin
cow   pig
deer   pony
dog   puppy
donkey   sheep
duck   spider
elephant   squirrel
fish   tiger
frog   turkey
giraffe   turtle
aeroplane/plane   bus
bicycle/bike   car
boat   fire engine
lorry/truck   pushchair/buggy
motor-bike   train
ball   doll
balloon   pen
block/brick   teddy bear
book   toy
Food and drink          
apple   food
banana   ice cream
biscuit   jam
bread   juice
butter   meat
cake   milk
carrot   orange
cereal   pasta/spaghetti
cheese   peas
chicken   pizza
chips   sweets
coffee   tea
drink   toast
egg   water
Body parts          
arm   hair
belly button/tummy button   hand
cheek   head
ear   knee
eye   leg
face   nail
finger   nose
foot   toe
tongue   tummy
tooth   mouth
bib   dress
boot(s)   glasses/specs
button   hat
coat   jacket
jeans   shoe
jumper/sweater   shorts
nappy   sock
necklace   trousers
pyjamas   zip
Furniture and rooms          
bath/bathtub   living room
bathroom   play pen
bed   potty
bedroom   refrigerator/fridge
chair   rocking chair
cooker/stove/oven   settee/sofa
cot   sink
door   stairs
drawer   table
garage   TV/television
high chair   window
beach   outside
bucket   park
church   party
flower   pool
garden   rain
house   school
moon   shop
sky   swing
slide   tree
snow   wall
spade   water
star   work
stone   zoo
Household items          
bin   bowl
blanket   box
bottle   broom
brush   paper
clock   penny
comb   picture
cup   pillow
dish   plant
dummy   plate
fork   purse
glass   radio
hammer   rubbish
hoover/vacuum   scissors
jug   soap
key   spoon
lamp   telephone
light   toothbrush
medicine   towel
money   watch
aunt   girl
baby   grandma
boy   grandpa
brother   lady
child   man
daddy   mummy
doctor   nanny
friend   people
person   teacher
policeman   uncle
Games and routines          
bath   no
breakfast   pat-a-cake
bye bye   peekaboo
dinner   please
don't   shh/hush/shush
hello   tea
hi   thank you
lunch   wait
nap   want to
night night   yes
Action words          
bite   know
blow   like
break   look
bring   love
bump   make
call   open
carry   play
catch   pull
clean   push
cry   put
cuddle   read
cut   ride
dance   run
draw   say
drink   scratch
drive   see
drop   show
eat   shut/close
fall   sing
feed   sleep
find   smile
finish   splash
get   stop
give   swim
go   swing
have   take
hear   tell
help   throw
hit   tickle
hug   walk
hurry   wash
jump   watch
kick   wipe
kiss   write
Decsriptive words          
all gone   clean
asleep   cold
bad   dark
big   dirty
blue   dry
broken   empty
careful   fast
fine   old
gentle   pretty
good   red
green   sad
happy   scared
hard   sick
hot   sleepy
hungry   soft
hurt   thirsty
little   tired
nasty   wet
naughty   yellow
Question words          
how   where
what   who
when   why
day   now
later   today
morning   tomorrow
night   tonight
her   my
his   that
I   this
it   you
me   your
away   on
back   out
down   there
in   under
inside   up
all   not
again   other
another   same
more   some